What is ELPN?

Health Careers provides a course in English Language to complement the nursing curricula of partner institutions. This course will enhance patient safety and quality of care.

ELPN program is designed to provide better communication skills to healthcare personnel. It has been developed to ensure students graduating from healthcare courses are proficient in workplace English and ready for registrations and further post graduate studies for a successful healthcare career globally.

Key Information

What you need to know


  • 40 weeks (4×10 weeks)
  • Students are expected to allocate a study time of 15- 20 hours per week.


  • The program will be supported with online resources provided by Health Careers through the unique Knowledge Hub platform.
  • On campus support through partnering Institutions
  • Regular webinar from Australian educators

Interesting Features

The course offer students the opportunity to customize their learning experience and achieve academic excellence.


Assist students in achieving the English language proficiency they require to participate in courses of
study leading to higher qualifications

Study Pathways

Create study pathways for students whose first language is not English.


Contribute to students’ attainment of Health Career’s graduate attributes.


Help students to attain the required levels of English language proficiency to gain professional registration and work safely in healthcare industry globally.

ELPN Course Brochure

Location & Contact Details

Campus: HCLA, 1 Wentworth Street, Parramatta NSW 2150   click to navigate

Contact:  +61 (2) 8228 6402

Learning Support

We provide students with extra help


Health Careers will provide regular webinars and interactive classes from Australia.

Learning Resources

Regular updates of teaching resources.

Support and Peer Mentoring

Providing online student support and peer mentoring.


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