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English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS)


English for Academic Purposes


IELTS Preparation Course


OET Preparation Course


PTE Preparation Course


English for Aged Care

Campus Features

imgHCLA understands that first class learning facilities are a vital component of a successful training institute. Therefore, improvement in institute facilities is a fundamental component of the institute’s continuous improvement process. To date, these improvements have focused upon our campuses becoming centres of excellence in terms of language training.
imgHCLA classrooms are fitted with modern furniture and highly visual teaching aids so as to provide the best learning experience to the students.
imgHCLA provides its students access to the e-learning platform. E-Learning assists students to get a fast start to their studies by giving them access to course materials as soon as they enrol. It will also help students learn more about areas they are having trouble understanding or to catch up on a class that they missed. It is another way that HCLA gives the very best learning environment for its students.
imgHCLA has a growing Library and Resource Centre where students can find extra resources to help with their learning and chosen career path.
imgHCLA campuses have significant Computer Laboratories and Resource Centres with computer lines, with HCLA providing terminals that students are able to use for their own PC’s. Each connection gives access to HCLA’s E-Learning resources.


  • Meeting rooms and small group rooms
  • Comfortable student lounge facilities, including kitchenette, TV, quiet work stations, and sheltered outdoor garden areas for students to relax, watch TV, access a computer terminal and talk to their friends.
  • A very committed student support team who are always happy to assist students.

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