Welcome to HCLA – Orientation Day

Welcome to Health Careers Language Academy


Orientation Day

When you arrive at Health Careers Language Academy on your first day, please go and present yourself to the main Reception area at the main entrance of the building.

You will have your photograph taken and your student ID card to be issued to you.

Following an introduction to campus staff, and after the official welcome and the safety briefing, you will then need to complete an English Placement test. The test consists of a grammar and writing test and a short interview with an academic who will test your listening and speaking skills. This test will assess your skill level in English and thereby determine which class you will be assigned to.

As part of the orientation, you will also participate in a campus tour. If you have any questions, about the college or your course, this is also your opportunity to ask them.

What do I bring?

When attending orientation for your first day, it is important to remember to bring along:

What happens on my first day?

On your first day you will receive the following information:

What else should I do in my first week?

You should use your first week as a student at the HCLA campus to better familiarise yourself with:

Adjusting to life in Australia

Culture shock is the feeling of being out of place in an unfamiliar environment. The initial excitement of moving to a new country often subsides when different cultural expectations challenge you to attend to daily responses and behaviours previously taken for granted. The potential stress of dealing with these persistent challenges can result in feelings of hostility and frustration with your host country as well as a profound longing for home. Your teachers and our support services and social activities will help you to ‘acclimatise’ to the Australian way of life.