English for Academic Purposes (ELICOS)
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This course is designed to help students who intend to complete further studies in vocational or higher education courses.

Why study English for Academic Purposes?

Our ELICOS English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is designed for students intending to complete further Vocational or Higher Education (university) level studies, especially in the healthcare professions.

Offered as part of our ELICOS program; there are two levels of this course including :


English for Academic Purposes 1 (EAP1)


English for Academic Purposes 2 (EAP2)

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is designed for students intending to complete further Vocational or Higher Education (university) level studies, especially in the healthcare professions. However, this course is also suitable for students intending to complete further study in other fields.

Key academic skills learnt in the program are relevant and applicable to many areas of study such as business, the arts and humanities, I.T and marketing for example. Student progression through successive levels will prepare them for higher and more challenging levels of study. This course will help students with :

  • Open pathways to further study in English
  • Learn and master formal academic writing skills in English
  • Allow students to participate in university-like group projects
  • Learn to properly reference texts in academic writing and avoid plagiarism
  • Teach important study and time-management skills essential for success in further study
  • Prepare and practice to participate in formal public speaking in English
  • Familiarise students with Australian classroom setting and learning environment


Regular Assessment

Regular in-class assessments with your teacher ensure that you get regular feedback regarding your ability and areas of improvement you need to focus on.


Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes ensure the optimum learning environment. Less than 18 students to a class assists with language learning.


Level Classes

Separate EAP 1 and EAP 2 classes ensure you are placed with students at the appropriate English level.


Dedicated Course Co-ordinator

HCLA has a dedicated Course Co-ordinator to assist students.


Academic Study Skills

Students learn how to participate and be successful in an academic environment. Students learn about referencing, essay writing, plagiarism and time management.


Access to Online Resources

Students are provided ongoing access to a wide variety of learning resources through our e-learning portal.


Flexible Study

Morning or afternoon timetables are available, allowing students maximum flexibility. Students can start their course on any Monday (except Christmas holiday periods).

Prepare for study in a university-type environment

EAP students will learn how to best participate in an English-speaking learning environment. This includes activities such as group assignments, exam preparation and public speaking.


Suitable for Student Visa Holders

As an ‘intensive’ course with 20 class hours per week, this course is suitable for those that intend to study on a Student Visa.


Pathways to Further Study

Students can unlock their potential and articulate into further studies in vocational and higher educational (university) level courses.

  • Students should be at General English (Upper-Intermediate) level or above to join the EAP 1 course.
  • Successful completion of EAP 1 (or equivalent) is required for entry to EAP 2.
  • Students who join this program will need to demonstrate their current English proficiency through the provision of test results (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL IBT, OET) at time of application and/or be asked to complete an internal placement test.

Students studying in Australia on a student visa must meet all attendance requirements (minimum 80% attendance). If a student is ill and unable to attend class, they must get a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner and provide this to their class teacher. Attendance is monitored by the college and students receive warning letters if their attendance is at risk of dropping.

English for Academic Purposes classes are offered at 2 English levels (EAP1 and EAP2) for students who require a higher level of English proficiency for further studies or Higher Education. Classes are structured around a 12-week academic calendar. Students spend on average approximately 12 weeks at each level before progressing to the next level. To ensure their success, students need to be proactive and engaged learners, complete assigned homework and assignments, work closely with their class teacher and attend classes on a regular basis (see attendance requirements).

English for Academic Purposes for Healthcare Professionals (as part of our ELICOS program) prepares you for studying both Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses, especially in the healthcare professions. Currently, Health Careers Language Academy has articulations in place with the following partner providers :

We are always establishing new relationships with destination schools for our students. Please contact our Admissions Office for a full listing of our articulation partners.

Tuition Fee : AUD $7,200 ($300/ week)

Non-Tuition Fee : AUD $300 (Non Refundable)

Course Start Dates (Sydney | Perth | Melbourne)

Jan 06, 2020

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